10 Tips for Working Remotely at the Beach

Working remotely at the beach might seem like a dream come true for some people, but it is not without challenges. This post shares 10 tips that will help you work remotely in paradise and still get things done!

1. Understand the challenges of working remotely at the beach

Working at the beach is not all sunshine and sand. If you are used to working from a desk, some of these challenges may come as a surprise. It might be difficult to stay focused when there’s so much going on outside, or distractions could be everywhere! Getting the right mindset while working is also a challenge. You might find it difficult to get in the right mindset when you are not at your desk and sitting in silence. You can’t just go outside because there’s work to be done!

The key point is finding out what works for you, as everyone has a different way of working remotely that they prefer or needs.

2. Find a good place to work

Find that place at the beach that you can comfortably work. It might be outside in the sun, or inside your beach hut. When you find a place where you can settle down and focus on work, it will feel less like an inconvenience to have left your home office behind and more like a well-deserved break from the day-to-day routine.

Find also that place with the best internet connection. Internet outages will be a big factor when choosing the best location for your remote work. There may be possible Telstra outages if the resort you are in uses Telstra.

3. Work on just one thing at a time

You might get a lot of work while at the beach , but you’ll be more productive if you only work on one thing at a time. Get to the beach early, and then focus your attention solely on that task for as long as possible before moving onto something else.

4. Watch out for distractions (including from other people) and plan accordingly

There may be a lot of distractions while staying at the beach, especially if you are staying with friends or family, and this can be hard on productivity. Plan accordingly by setting aside specific times to work remotely during the day so that you have more freedom in your time outside of those hours.

As mentioned before, distractions may come from within your group as well as others around you- like kids! If at all possible, plan to work in a public space where others are present.

And finally, don’t forget that it’s ok to take breaks! It can be very easy to get stuck working all day without giving yourself any time for rest or relaxation- but this can actually hurt your productivity overall. The best thing you can do is set aside a few hours a day to work and the rest for relaxation.

5. Get enough sleep

It might be hard getting enough sleep during your stay at the beach, especially if you’re staying at a resort. But, during the day there’s plenty of shade and comfortable spaces to take naps in so it will be worth your while!

6. Stretch in between tasks and take periodic breaks

You’re at the beach to also enjoy, not just to work! So take some time to go for a walk or jog on the beach. Stretch in between tasks and take periodic breaks as needed.

7. Plan for family time

Have a scheduled time for the family while enjoying your stay at the beach, such as a daily walk on the beach, time to swim, or even a picnic. You will be able to enjoy your family’s company while still getting work done by working during these sessions.

8. Dress comfortably

You want to feel good about what you wear, and at the same time be comfortable in case there’s an emergency that requires some running around. It’s important to dress in a way that keeps you cool and collected, so it can be hard to know what will work.

That said, some people prefer something more casual for their beach attire while others want the option of dressing up if needed. It all depends on your preferences! If you’re going barefoot or wearing sandals, you might want to wear a t-shirt and shorts. But if you’re going with sandals that have straps, it’s best to wear something more modest so as not to show off too much of your body!

9. Take care of yourself – don’t forget sunscreen and water!

Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you work and enjoy the beach. Take a break to apply sunscreen and water up regularly. And if you need a mental breather, take one! The beach is full of beauty – use your work time on the sand as an opportunity to relax.

10. Find your own PULSE

Most people find that they need to take care of themselves more when working remotely. This means things like make sure you eat right, get enough sleep and exercise – all the good stuff! Working from a new place can be really exciting but it’s important not to forget about yourself too. When we’re on vacation or travelling somewhere for work, staying healthy is more of a challenge.

Working from the beach also means you’ll need to find time to go back and forth between work life and play lifestyle, which can be challenging! It’s easiest if you have a schedule that allows for some relaxing days on the water (like do that much-awaited snorkeling!) or in your hammock.