How to Clean and Maintain Your Office Coffee Machine

Coffee is the fuel that keeps many offices running. It’s not just an important part of office culture, it can also be a valuable tool for team building and employee engagement. But how do you keep your coffee machine clean? The following blog post will walk you through the process of cleaning out your coffee machine so that it continues to brew delicious cups of joe!

How Often do You Need to Clean It?

Every couple of weeks you should clean out the coffee pot. You want to make sure that it’s not getting dirty and gunky over time, which can affect how your machine brews. Every other week or every month, depending on how much you use the machine, run an unsweetened vinegar solution through a cycle in order to keep water lines clear and free from mineral buildup.

Cleaning It with Descaler or Vinegar

You have two strategies for removing lime scale from your coffee pot: white vinegar or commercial descaler.

A descaler will remove lime scale but it also removes the protective coating of aluminum and exposes metal to coffee. This could have a variety of effects, some good (improved flavor) and some bad (flavor change).

Vinegar is safe on both the machine’s parts and your tongue. It breaks up calcium deposits without removing any protective coatings or leaving behind an unpleasant taste in your morning cup.

You’ll need: white vinegar or commercial descaler, paper towels for wiping surfaces dry, soapy water to rinse away remaining residue from inside pot after cleaning cycle has finished running, dish detergent with no lemon scent if you’re using soap only method instead of cleaner mix

Tools Needed: brush for removing lime scale, rubber gloves if you’re using a commercial descaler

-Put the pot on your coffee machine’s warming plate and allow it to heat for 20 minutes.

-Pour in enough vinegar or descaler solution that has been mixed with water into the pot until all of the surface areas are covered. Add soap (or cleaner mix) if desired but be sure not to add anything else as they can interact negatively with other items.

-Allow this mixture to set for 30 minutes before rinsing inside and outside of machine with soapy water and wiping down any remaining residue from surfaces. Run another brew cycle without adding any more liquid after cleaning is complete.

You may also get other good cleaning solutions sold commercially that were created solely for office coffee machines.

What Happens When Coffee Machine is not Cleaned?

Beverages can develop an unpleasant odor when they sit on or around coffee beans for too long without being used, which may discourage employees from using them at all and result in less productivity

As old grounds build up inside the filter area, bacteria within those particles could encourage mold growth even though it’s normally found on moist surfaces such as bathroom tiles and shower stalls

Coffee residue left behind by improperly washed cups often ends up accumulating more toxic substances like lead paint chips from the sides of the cup

If coffee residue builds up and starts to drip down, it could easily stain desks or carpets. This can also lead to a disagreeable odor in the office.